The Hildbrandt .30 Carbine tattoo machine is an excellent liner. The .30 Carbine is built with a compact frame design that allows for a rapid punch that is ideal for lining and color packing. This frame design started its first production in late 2006 and was a spin off from the already successful .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum models. The compact 8 wrap coils and short springs allow this machine to run at turbo speeds. If you are looking for something slower for lining, consider the .44 Magnum or .22 Rimfire. The weight of this machine is 230 grams/8 ounces. The material of the frame is low carbon steel that is coated with a dark metallic chrome finish. Size is 3.5 x 3.5”. 8 wrap coils, 32.5mm height, 22uf capacitor, 63WV.  Product code is 1BB.


Fast Liner and Color Packer Machine

The .30 Carbine is an extremely fast liner or color packer machine. The compact design and small sized springs allow for a rapid hit. If you are looking for something that can line as fast as Neo in the Matrix dodging bullets, the .30 Carbine is for you. Ok, maybe not THAT fast!

Spotting Fake Hildbrandt Tattoo Machines

Be careful where you buy your Hildbrandt tattoo machines and make sure you are able to spot fake ones. All Hildbrandt machines come with a codified production series which are printed in the warranty certificate in red color. Also, check for the model name that is engraved on the base of the frame. We’ve seen a few fake ones engraved with the wrong name so when in doubt, just cross reference the one you have with the models on our website.