Cheyenne PU 2

Cheyenne have made a power supply especially for their line of powerful machines. The PU2 is a step up from the PU1 where there is two connection ports, allow you to connect two machines at the same time while adjusting voltage on them individually. Like behind a great piece of art is a great artist, same idea, the power supply matches the Hawk motors, and pen with equal innovation, compactness, reliability, light weight and ease of use. This power source allows the tattoo machines to be used with very little voltage and maximum result. The machines can be use at 4 to 6 volts, providing you with continuous and regulated frequency, giving you between 60 to 160 strokes/sec.

Hawk has also made the power supply with a smooth startup integrated board. Giving you a smooth and constant voltage without the need for a warm up. You can use this power supply with other connection cords in the tattoo world as well, making this an all around power supply to have for any professional artist.    You need to use it with this foot pedal.

This power supply is great for world artists and Cheyenne designed it as such that the package includes adapters available for various wall plugs in the world. And with the light weight and sturdy make, carrying it around would be comfortable and without effort.

Included in the package:

Power Supply PU2 with two connection ports (Touch Screen)
Wall power adapter cord (with 3 different wall plugs)

To get a great setup with this power supply, please see the Cheyenne Hawk Pen and the Cheyenne Hawk Motors

Product Code: CHEYB44