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Valsturd Mini Tattoo Kit



The Valsturd Mini Tattoo Kit is one of the lowest priced tattoo kits we sell. This is an excellent kit for people on a budget. Basically what we did with the Valsturd Mini is take all non essential tattoo supplies and condensed everything that is needed into one well priced package. Even though this is a bare bones kit, we still provide decent how to tattoo educational material with the Tattoo Equipment & Supplies Crash Course 101 and visual tutorial of the Hildbrandt Tattoo Training DVD. This little package comes with a respectable amount of disposable, semi-disposable and autoclave tattoo supplies. Valsturd tattoo machines are good entry level machines that are easy to tune and are flexible to allow for customization and upgrading of components. Product code: TKVM.

Limited Time Offer! Get a 7% discount card when you purchase this kit. Discount card usable towards the purchase of anything on our website! This tattoo kit is not only a great value, it continues to save you money! We have some of the lowest prices for tattoo needles, tubes, silicon grip tubes, tattoo ink and other tattoo supplies on the internet and you get an additional 7% off of that!

Hildbrandt Tattoo Training DVD

  1. Chapter One: Getting to Know the Equipment
  2. Chapter Two: Tuning the Tattoo Machine
  3. Chapter Three: Needle Groupings
  4. Chapter Four: Proper Power Supply Output
  5. Chapter Five: Using Flash and Free Hand
  6. Chapter Six: How to do a Tattoo
  7. Chapter Seven: Proper Cleanup and Hygiene

• Hildbrandt Tattoo Training DVD
• Tattoo Equipment & Supplies Crash Course 101
• Holy Flash 6000 tattoo flash archive CD
• Valsturd Standard liner tattoo machine
• Valsturd Standard shader tattoo machine
• Valsturd Voltz tattoo power supply, 110V
• Freedom Practice Ink, total of 7 bottles
• Pre-sterilized disposable tube grips
• Pre-sterilized disposable tubes
• Stainless steel tubes x 4
• Stainless steel foot pedal
• Transfer paper x 5
• Practice skin x 3
• Hildbrandt premium tattoo needles x 35
• Latex gloves x 5
• Clip cord
• O rings pack
• Grommets pack
• Alan key set
• Aluminum grip with tube x 2
• Tattoo tubes cleaning brush set
• Ink cup holder
• Assorted ink cups pack
• Rubber bands pack
• Squeeze bottle

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Tattoo Equipment & Supplies Crash Course 101 is a comprehensive instruction guide to all of the equipment and components that come with this kit. The guide explains how to set up the equipment, gives you tips on techniques and gives advice on what supplies you may need later on.

Holy Flash! tattoo flash CD is a HUGE compilation of 6000 tattoo flash archive. Each picture is high res and printable. Just pop the CD in, pick a tattoo flash and click print, its that simple!

Valsturd Standard Liner tattoo machine is a versatile and light. Easy to tune and never skips a beat. This frame design has been a classic Valsturd frame design since the brands beginning. This frame design is easy to customize and many standard parts will fit it.

Valsturd Standard Shader tattoo machine is the same frame design as the standard liner but in chrome finish. There is a slight difference in the front spring between the liner and shader.

Valsturd Voltz tattoo power supply is a rugged little unit that can pack a punch despite its small size. The screen is illuminated with a bright LED and the output is 2 amps.

Freedom Ink Sets Freedom Ink practicing ink set with a total of 7 colors: Pitch Black, White Snow, Berry Blue, Lipstick Red, True Green, Muddy Orange and Purple Grape.

Pre-sterilized Blister packed tube grips & Tubes. 1 grip per needle type. Save these for skin work as they are pre-sterilized.

blister packed sterilized plastic tubes corresponds with each needle type that comes with the kit. Pre-sterilized, save these for skin work.

4 stainless steel tubes, 1 for each needle type. Practice with these. To sterilize, you will need an autoclave. Picture is not accurate on tips you will receive.

Stainless Steel high gloss finish Premium Foot switch

Premium transfer paper, total of 5 sheets

3 sheets of versatile and reusable practice skin

Hildbrandt Premium Pre-Sterilized Needles: 3RL X 5, 5RL X 5, 7RL X 5, 3RS X 5, 5RS X 5, 7RS X 5 and 5F X 5. Total of 35 needles.

5 pairs of premium black latex gloves

Clip Cord

Pack of Rubber O rings

Pack of Grommets joins needles to armature bar

Allen Key set to adjust tattoo machine screws

2 Aluminum Grips and tube stems

Tattoo machine cleaning brushes

1 ink cup holder, may not be exactly as shown

Assorted ink cups pack

Rubber bands pack

$39.99 USD

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    hi this kit have all thing for doing tattoo for people?
    this is free shiping?

    • :

      Our tattoo kits are meant to be a practicing medium for people interested in learning how to tattoo. We do not condone anyone to simply buy a tattoo kit and attempting to tattoo themselves or their friends, that is dangerous! While this kit does have all of the components that someone can use to tattoo someone, its purpose is not to do that. We strongly urge anyone that buys a tattoo kit to practice, practice and practice, seek out an apprenticeship if possible and then attempt to do skin work. Sorry we do not currently offer free shipping for this Kit.

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    I try to order this but an error comes up saying this product doesn’t exist, how can I order this?

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      This product is discontinued

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