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UV Tattoo Ink – Invisible Fallout

Mom’s Nuclear Invisible Fallout UV tattoo ink available in 1/2 oz or 1oz size.  Invisible Fallout has no color in regular light.  Blacklight sensitive, this ink will glow under a UV light.  Your tattoo will have amazing visual effects at clubs and raves!  All of the colors are visible in light and UV light, the only one that does not is the invisible nuclear color, which is this one.  Nuclear colors are manufactured by Millennium Colorworks in the USA, the ingredients are non-toxic. MNCIF1, MNCIF12

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2 reviews for UV Tattoo Ink – Invisible Fallout

  1. :

    I am a tattoo artist and I need to buy a complete set of following inks
    Please advise which one is available or exist
    Then submit your invoice for one bottle of each color

    Permanent and temporary tattoo ink
    UV black light
    Glow in dark by itself

    Thanks for your prompt reply

    Hadi Mansouri
    Cel.+989175588766,Tel.+987118208813 ,Fax.+987118216271

  2. :

    A question:
    What’s the difference between your Bloodline UV tattoo ink and UV tattoo Ink – Invisible Fallout, please?
    Are they both permanent inks?

    • :

      Bloodline UV ink is made by Bloodline and Invisible Fallout is made by MOM’s Millennium. Both are permanent inks. I would say MOM’s has been around for longer though.

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