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TTS Tattoo Machines: Telephone Black Chrome

TTS Tattoo Machines presents the Telephone Dial in high polish black chrome, fashioned after a classic frame design.  This design is a timeless one that offers superb frame geometry for setting up.  The frame is made of solid brass and is finished with a stained oil finish.  Each individual part is hand crafted with American threading.  The frame is made using a lost wax casting technique allowing for excellent quality and precision.  Can be set up as a liner or shader and is equipped with 10-wrap coils. Product code: MTD1C


The intricacies of Tuning Tattoo machines

Tattoo machines are tuned using minor adjustments that make big differences in the way machines run. Such areas where you will be making adjustments to include the back spring mounting screw, coils position/shims, armature bar, front spring and conact screw. When you first get tattoo machines, you will need to play around with it to get to know what modifications will make it do what things differently. For example, if you screw down the contact screw with more of a vertical angle to the front spring, machines will run slower but more accurate. This is one of the things done when setting machines for lining.

About TTS Tattoo Machines

TTS Tattoo Machines have been a part of the tattoo industry for a long time. TTS has been steadily adding more new and daring styles to their selection and many of these models have been well received. In addition to their newer styles, TTS has always produced machines with classic frame designs. This telephone dial is a classic example of a very famous frame that TTS has replicated beautifully.

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