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The Hildbrandt Tattoo Supplies Blog Features Product Updates, Current Events, Tattoo Contests, Featured Artists, Tattoo Machines, How to Tattoo Training Videos and Tattoo Education.

Tattoo Education

We understand that getting a proper tattoo education is a difficult path. The internet is fraught with a lot of misinformation. This is why we are committed to sharing valuable how to tattoo lessons and tips every now and then on our blog. These posts are usually written by David Hildbrandt and he'll get as much info up there when he isn't doing shop work or doing tats. Every now and then we will feature some how to tattoo training videos that we make or find on the internet. Davey will share his commentary as he always likes to do with each video post.

Tattoo Contests

Every year we have a tattoo contest or two, last year we did a make your own tattooing video to win $1000. The contestants used Hildbrandt tattoo machines to do a piece of work and we featured the videos on our site. The winner Kat A. Tonic won $1000. There were a total of 4 contestants.

Current Events

The Hildbrandt crew are interested in a variety of interests and we are always open to sharing our opinions or philosophies. These posts are either going to bore the hell out of you or make you think we are a screwed up bunch of dudes. We should warn you that all censors are off in the blog so if you get offended easily, don't read it. Some of our interests include: sex, hockey.. go Canucks!, guns, partying, football, Harley Motorcycles and hot sexy chicks. The Hildbrandt crew can be seen partying it up in the awesome Vancouver nightlife, we work hard and we party hard, life is short, live that shit up. If you happen to run into us when we are out partying, don’t forget to say hi, especially if you are a hot girl that is 5’8” 36C-24-36.

Product Updates

We will be explaining about updates to our products in our blog. Sometimes we do complete revamps of our product line to ensure what we offer is up to date. Every now and then we do complete revamps of our tattoo kits.

Jay Nelson, now of Generation X Tattoos in Florida - July 5th, 2016

Some of you may remember our post on Jay Nelson back in January of this year. The lucky tattoo artist has since moved to Daytona Florida inking tattoo’s on vacationing bikini clad hotties.  He is currently working a spot at Generation X Tattoos, Jay has been continuously improving his talent with great works. He took the time to send us some great pictures and we love posting great pictures! Too bad he didn’t send us any pictures of him doing a tattoo on some pretty ladies, why are you holding out on us Jay??  How are the beaches down there, do you surf?  Anyway, hope you are doing well over there buddy and please keep the pictures coming!

Bible Passage Tattoo

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me, Philippians 4:13” Amen brother

Haida Turtle Tattoo

Fine looking native indian, I believe, Haida inspired? Tattoo.  I do believe that is a Camaro Yellow Hildbrandt Spartan power supply in the corner!

Heart with Eye Tattoo

Does this have something to do with the saying, “The Heart Sees What it Sees?”

Old School Girl Tattoo

Looks like old school design meets voodoo

Old school Rose Tattoo

A classic looking rose

University Tattoo

Being a Canadian, it took me a little bit of sleuthing to figure out where this logo came from.  I figured it must have been a University or college team logo, so I googled marshall, angry cow, university and quickly found this logo represents the Marshall Thundering Herd of Marshall University.

Taz Tattoo

The Tazmanian Devil with Marshall University Logo, there is a lot of school spirit in Marshall University!

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a Tattoo! - July 5th, 2016

Justin Trudeau Tattoo
If there was any proof that tattoos have entered the mainstream of Canadian culture, look no further than our own Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, sporting his Haida tattoo. I am not sure if I ever gave it much thought, whether or not a Prime Minister would have tattoos, I mean, when I think of a politician, I think of an old dude in a suit with white hair. According to The Straight, after some investigative work, in an interview with the Hamilton Spectator from 2013, Trudeau’s Haida tattoo was done by “Tom the Tattoo Artist” in Thailand. In regards to why he got his tattoo, “My tattoo is planet Earth inside a Haida raven,” Trudeau shared in a tweet from 2012. “The globe I got when I was 23; the Robert Davidson raven for my 40th birthday.” Could anyone imagine if Stephen Harper had a tattoo?

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Some Pics of the Hildbrandt Tattoo Shop - June 3rd, 2016

We were getting some pictures done at the Hildbrandt Tattoo, 113- 13980 Maycrest Way shop for the Radiant Colors brand campaign and figured it would be nice to do a post with them.  Seeing as we get people asking how to find us and where the hell we are.  Our shop is conveniently located near the intersection of No. 6 and Cambie in Richmond.  With a nice clean view of farmland across No. 6, a golf course to the right at Maycrest Way and the unmistakable smell of cow manure on humid nights from the farmland.  I like the area, when I drive here in the morning, I like to look over at the golf course and think, “I could be playing golf!  but here I am driving to work…..”.

Hildbrandt Sign1

Our store at 113-13980 Maycrest Way in Richmond BC

Hildbrandt Tattoo Shop 1

Hildbrandt Tattoo Shop 2

Hildbrandt Tattoo Shop 3

Interior of our store


Our first store on Vickers Way, back in 2011!

I also found an old gem of a picture of our first shop on Vickers Way with my fat bro.  We were so proud that day, making sure the place was spotless clean and doing much of the renovations ourselves to scrimp and save.  It was just shy of 1000 square feet, little did we think a few years later we would need to move to a bigger place.  I hope the good times keep on rolling!  

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Jay Nelson, Tattoo Artist at Ink’d Revolution - January 8th, 2016

A shout out to Jay Nelson to say thanks and hopefully encourage him to share some more pics of tattoos he’s done.  Jay is a tattoo artist at Ink’d Revolution located at 405 9th St. in Huntington, West Virginia.  Not only is this man a good tattoo artist, he has also served his country by being in the Army.  Below are pics of some of the tattoos he’s done using a Hildbrandt .38 Calibre and .44 Magnum.
Old School Tattoo Rose

A well done American Classic old school rose.

Cup Cake Tattoo
Hey, sometimes people like cupcakes so much they get it tattoo’d on themselves.

Tattoo Flower 3
Excellent bold lines and black and gray shading make this flower’s eye look lifelike.

Butterfly Tattoo
An intricately well designed butterfly with a key as body.

A man of not many words about himself we had to creep his Facebook to find out he was in the military, I hope we didn’t pry buddy!  Thank you for sharing some of your work with us Jay Nelson and also, thank you for the service you have done for your country!  Hit us up during the summer!

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Saniderm – Professional Tattoo Medical Bandages - November 2nd, 2015

Saniderm, a professional tattoo medical bandage that allows the skin to breathe while still protecting it from bacteria, germs and other contaminants.  Saniderm puts up a see through barrier and works by providing a moist healing and breathable environment where it keeps the body’s natural healing process away from the environment. Doctors and hospitals have long treated burns and abrasions using this moist healing method. You can read more about this method on Science Direct and on the National Library of Medicine site.

Saniderm Tattoo Medical Bandage

According to the NLM: “[…] use of more moisture-retentive dressings generally achieves environments supportive of earlier healing outcomes when compared to less moisture-retentive dressings… Evidence further suggests that greater dressing moisture retention is associated with fewer clinical infections, greater patient comfort, and reduced scarring.”

Testimonials from happy users of Saniderm state that they found no scabbing or itching.  Colors are said to have healed brighter while darker tones healed darker.  These bandages are waterproof, breathable and can be used sparingly.  Usually only 2 are required.  Wear the first one for up to 24 hours and the 2nd one for 5-7 days thereafter.  Being waterproof, you can shower without worry.  You don’t have to keep applying creams/lotions throughout the day, the body’s natural healing process will do its job without it. We carry four sizes: 10.2″x8″ Roll, 8″x8″ Roll, 8″x6″ Roll and the 8″x6″ personal pack.

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Democracy, the Freedom to Choose the Dude you Think Will Screw you the Least… - September 26th, 2015


Harper Trudeau Mulcaire Funny Meme

Democracy, the freedom to choose the dude you think will screw you the least.  It is funny, sad and unfortunately, so true!  With more than half our company being Canadian, this coming up election is a big deal.  It is a big deal because we have a chance to finally get rid of Harper.  It is rather unfortunate that our only 2 other realistic choices are just as shitty.  So this is what it boils down to, voting for the dude that I think will screw me the least out of the 3… 

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Inkstar Ace Tattoo Kit Unboxing Review - June 5th, 2015

We get calls and emails about our Inkstar tattoo kits all the time so we decided to make a short video that shows what to expect when unboxing. This video is done with the Inkstar Ace Tattoo Kit with Radiant Colors ink set. Please note that not all of our kits come with exactly the same components and gear, so if yours didn’t come with everything in this video, check the product check list before calling us with a mouthful of angry!

Also, we cannot stress enough that this kit and any other kind of tattoo equipment is not a toy! This setup was designed for people interested in learning how to tattoo. If you do not have any experience doing tattoos, do not buy this and start going to town on yourself and your friends! The equipment in this setup can do a permanent tattoo, so you better make sure you are ready to permanently tattoo someone, before you attempt to. Otherwise, please stick to practice skin, pig skin and thick skinned fruit!

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How to Assemble the Stigma Amen Rotary Tattoo Machine Motor - January 31st, 2015

How to assemble the Stigma Amen rotary tattoo machine with the motor.  When we first got the new Amen, we were stumped on how to attach the motorplug.  Unlike the Prodigy or Beast it is not as simple as just plugging in the motorplug.  The new Amen comes with a 3.5mm 45% vs 55% All purpose stroker, a 3.0mm 50% vs 50% shader stroker and a 35% vs 65% liner stroker.

You can only run one stroker on the machine at a time.  If your motorplug has an excenter cam wheel on it, you will need to remove it and put on the hex spinner.  Please check out the video for how to properly assemble the unit.  In addition, our old post here explains more about the different strokers and how they are used.

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A Bit About Brandyn Feldman - December 10th, 2014

We love this new video about Brandyn Feldman, his work, his shop and his philosophies on tattooing.  One of the reasons we took on Feldman machines was due to a long conversation our sourcing director, Newt, had with him.  In that conversation, they talked about everything and anything related to machine building, power supply design, types of craft material, etc..  We figured, hell, if this guy can talk that long about just about everything related to building, it was worth a shot to take on the stuff he builds. We are glad we did.  There is a special kind of pride he takes in his builds.  Here’s a fella that makes almost everything (including parts) he uses and that is a rarity in this industry today. The ending with the dogs was a nice touch.

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