Thermal Express Tattoo printer stencil copierThermal Express Tattoo printer stencil copier

Thermal Express Tattoo printer stencil copier

The Hildbrandt Thermal Express tattoo printer is used for copying of images, flash designs and other art work onto thermal stencil paper.  This sleek looking copier will copy any design and print it with great detail.  The Thermal Express works with most stencil paper brands.  Unit comes complete with a detailed instruction manual with a special tips section that will teach you how to get best results.


Scanning Mode: CIS
Effective Scanning Width: 210 mm
Scanning Resolution
Horizontal: 8 dot / mm
Vertical: (Standard)3.85 line/mm
Document Type: Fine
Document size: A5-A4
Document Thickness: 0.06 mm-0.15mm
Recording Mode: TPH
Effective Printing width: 210mm

Product code: THEX

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Any Brand Tattoo Printer Paper

This unit will work with most brands of tattoo printer paper, commonly known as stencil paper. Simply remove the rice paper that divides the carbon backing with the wax sheet, place the paper into the copier, put in your original, hit the start button and you’ll have your copy on stencil paper in a flash.

Tattoo Stencil Copier for the Studio

A tattoo stencil copier is a must have piece of equipment for a tattoo studio. The unit saves you an immense amount of time and we all know, time is money. No longer will you have to eyeball and freehand a clients design onto stencil paper. Now, with the Hildbrandt Thermal Express, you can get the design onto skin in no time and with much less effort!

Tips for the Tattoo Printer

Some people have difficulties learning how to use their tattoo printer copier. We have included tips for you here and on our detailed instruction manual for this unit. The most important thing with any thermal copier is to allow the unit sufficient time to warm up. Keep in mind the word “thermal” in the name, these printers use heat to transfer. The best images that can be used are ones with thick lines and dark tones. If the image you want to copy is not of this variety, you can try to scan it and use a photo editor to adjust the brightness and contrast to make the lines and tones darker.

USD 199.99



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  1. fadi ibrahim April 20, 2013 REPLY

    i like your products ,i want to bye too meany items from your products but how you send to Lebanon-Beirut because i like your products .

    .best regards

    fadi s ibrahim (beauty&hair salon)

    • newton April 23, 2013 REPLY

      We are able to ship to Lebanon-Beirut but you will need to contact our support staff for a quotation as the shipping to that area is quite expensive. Contact us via with what you would like to order and we can give you a quotation with shipping costs.

      • Keith June 23, 2013 REPLY

        I see you are sold out of the thermal express printers…When will you be getting in a new supply?


        • newton June 23, 2013 REPLY

          They are pending a re-design and our goal is to get the new model out before Christmas time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    • Lance_king March 13, 2014 REPLY


      Just wanted to know when the thermal printer is going to be available for purchase? is there an exact date or timeline by chance?

      • newton March 14, 2014 REPLY

        Sorry but we are still having trouble with the design process and the Thermal Express has been put on the back burner currently. We are unable to give a definitive date of completion and production at this time.

  2. MICHELLE August 10, 2013 REPLY

    hello there would you ship to philippines??

    • newton August 13, 2013 REPLY

      Yes we do but the Thermal Express is discontinued.

  3. Joe duck December 11, 2013 REPLY

    its dec 11 today im just wondering whats happening with the new design thing are we still expecting before x-mas? thanks

    • newton December 13, 2013 REPLY

      Hello Joe, the new design is still a work in process, we do apologize for the delay but there are quite a few quirks to work out to ensure a better performing unit.

  4. hayley davenport January 25, 2014 REPLY

    Hey can you tell me if the stencil machine is back in stock yet

    Many thanks


    • newton January 28, 2014 REPLY

      Sorry but that machine is going through a redesign but the development has been slow..

  5. Kenneth Seals November 19, 2014 REPLY

    If I draw a picture of something that I want to put on myself or someone has a tattoo, but the design is too big can the stencil copier make the drawing smaller without actually redrawing it smaller if I want it to be smaller

    • Nancy L. November 19, 2014 REPLY


      Thank you for your inquiry. Some stencil copiers does have the function to resize a drawing, but it may not be that accurate. Your best bet would be to scan your drawing onto a computer and resize it on your computer before printing it.

      Thank you

  6. Melina January 17, 2015 REPLY

    îm waiting because i want to order from you but….do you have an idea of when you gonna have one back in stock?

    • Nancy L. January 20, 2015 REPLY


      Thank you for your inquiry. I do apologize but the stencil printer we previously had is now discontinued, so we will not be restocking on this any more.

      Sorry about that.

      Thank you

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