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Tattoo Kit: Inkstar 2 Machine Mini Starter Kit

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The Inkstar Mini Starter Tattoo Kit comes jam packed full of all the necessary equipment you need to start learning how to tattoo.  In addition to everything that comes with this package, we include the Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies Crash Course and the professionally produced Holy Flash 6000 tattoo flash design CD to get you started.  Inkstar machines are made with excellent attention to quality control.  The signature Inkstar short coils allow for lower voltage settings requirements for your power supply, resulting in less chances of the frame heating up.  There is a 6 month warranty that covers all hardware for these kits, consumables are not covered.

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Tattoo Kit Comes Complete with

This tattoo kit, although considered a small sized one, comes with many essential equipment and components. This package comes with the following: A total of two Inkstar tattoo machines, a black Colt and silver Colt, the black Colt for lining and the silver for shading. One Voltz power supply, a generic version of the Valsturd Voltz power supply that runs just as well. A foot pedal and clip cord for the power supply. The Tattoo Equipment and Supplies Crash Course which is an essential guide if you are just starting out and have no clue as to what any of the components in your kit does. Holy Flash 6000 CD which will give you an immense amount of artwork designs to practice with. A total of 5 disposable ink cup holders that have many ink slots. If you are practicing, it is possible to simply wash these ink cup holders with green soap or detergent. If you are doing skin work however, you must use a new and properly sterilized ink cup holder each time you do a new tat. A total of 4 Freedom Ink practicing ink in brown, red, green and purple. Please note that in the picture the ink bottles and colors may not be an accurate depiction of the ink set in this kit. A pack of 50 Hildbrandt premium brand assorted needles with 3RL x 5, 5RL x 5, 7RL x 5, 9RL x 5, 5RS x 5, 7RS x 5, 9RS x 5, 5M1 x 5, 7M1 x 5 and 9M1 x 5. A total of two aluminum tube grips with tube stems for your stainless steel tubes and disposable tubes. Stainless steel tubes/tips set that comes with a total of 10 tips. Other basic components include a pack of O rings, rubber bands pack, tattoo machine springs repair kit and a pack of grommets.

Tattoo Kit Components Checklist

1. Inkstar Colt Tattoo Machine in Black, Liner
2. Inkstar Colt Tattoo Machine in Silver, Shader
3. Voltz Power Supply, 110V
4. Freedom Practice Ink, total of 4 bottles
5. Tattoo Equipment and Supplies Crash Course
6. Holy Flash 6000 CD
7. Springs Repair Kit
8. Hildbrandt Premium Needles Pack
9. O rings pack
10. Rubber bands pack
11. Foot Pedal
12. Clip Cord
13. Silver Aluminum Grip with Tube
14. Black Aluminum Grip with Tube
15. Stainless Steel Tubes/Tips Set (total of 10 pcs)
16. Grommets Pack
17. 5 Disposable Ink Cup Holders


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    Is the shipping free ??

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      Sorry we currently do not offer free shipping.

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    I want this team as is or is shipping and free shipping as I do to order and pay

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      I am assuming you are asking about the shipping cost? The shipping cost for all of our products can be calculated by entering in your country and postal code/zip code, the shopping cart will automatically calculate the total cost with shipping included for you.

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    How long is the shipping.I’m in the united states.

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      We ship via USPS Priority out of Point Roberts, Washington. Takes 2-4 business days to reach anywhere in the USA.

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        how long shipping to canada?

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          1-3 business days to BC, AB, SK. 4-7 business days to MB, ON, QB and easter provinces.

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    Is there more left and how many ??

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      We still have stock of this item

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    Yess !! How long des it take to deliver to chino ca. ??

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    And is the quality good ??

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    Does it come with needles and how many ??????

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    how much is shiping

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      Add items to cart and enter in your country and zip code for shipping costs.

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    I’m sorry but as the shipping list doesn’t include my country, am i not able to order?

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    i do have a few questions about this item. how well does inkstar work? will i encounter any problems with this item? and what would those problems be?

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      Inkstar machines have been around since 2009 and run exceptionally well for their price range and offer a fully customizable platform.

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    what do you mean by “customizable platform”? in your eyes, what would be the best gun for someone to buy? im looking for a gun that i can rely on and isant very heavy, yet still strong. so what would you reccomend?

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    hello, can you send me a Kit to Argentina? can you tell me the cost and how many days to arrived..thank you very much, sorry for my poor english

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      yes we can ship to Argentina, for this particular kit, the shipping cost to Argentina would be $65 USD via USPS International Priority 7-12 business day delivery.

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    im really thinking about going with this kit, about a year ago I got a real shitty kit from china came with 4 guns and they dig into people and shake very bad….I seen this site and been really think of going with this kit….just wish it had the color infusion machine included with it….Inkstar by the looks seems to be a reputable company.

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      Whilst our Inkstar brand equipment has received much praise in their quality and reputation, I would point out that any tattoo machine, expensive or cheap, if not setup proper, will not function correctly. From what you are saying, your previous machines dug into the skin, this could be 1 of 3 likely possibilities: 1. the needles you were using were hooked 2. The tube was going in at a slant (bad frame geometry) so the needle is going in at an angle 3. The armature bar was positioned too far outward causing the needle to go down at an angle.

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    Is the coil for the liner 8wraps and shader 10wraps

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      Yes, generally 8 wrap is used for liner and 10 wrap is used for shader. That is the case with this kit.

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    When will you have more kit in stock

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      Sorry this one is discontinued.

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