red needle cleaner bag

S8 RED Series Needle Cleaner – 50 Pack

Each bag comes with 50 individual packs

Each pack provides convenience, speed and precision as you work. Execute your tattoos faster than ever with the help of S8’s all-natural, botanical-based RED Needle Cleaner.

Just add it to your rinse cups, RED Needle Cleaner actively removes ink, petroleum, and biological matter like vegetable waxes and oils from needle groupings, tubes, and cartridges- reducing the need for additional wiping on paper towels.

RED Needle Cleaner saves you time and energy while you tattoo- by accelerating your color changes, RED Needle Cleaner takes away one of the largest unnecessary time-sinks in your day. And that means more time for you to add clients.

RED Needle Cleaner also saves your needles. By cleaning your needles of organic matter and inks, RED Needle Cleaner removes some of the largest causes of prematurely dull tattoo needles. Dull needles cause unnecessary tissue trauma for your client and will not deposit ink as consistently as when you started your session.

Product Code: S8REDNDLCLN50

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