cheyenne pen silver

Cheyenne Hawk Pen-Silver

Cheyenne Hawk Pen in Silver

Cheyenne’s liquid silver pen is an absolute innovation in the body tattoo industry. With a polished finish, the Hawk Pen in Silver runs with fluid precision with a silken feel. On top of that, it does come with matching silver grip.  There was nothing like it when it first came out. This pen allows precision control and minute accuracy. This pen is designed to work similarly to a high quality ink pen, allowing little to no learning curve from drawing to tattooing.

The pen comes with a standard 25mm grip and a smaller 21mm can also be purchase as an alternative. The cartridge is then attached to the grip, so over 40 different cartridge sizes are available for this pen.

Do note that this pen is meant to work with Cheyenne’s power supplies PU I and PU II (sold separately), which are amazing power supplies. Like other Cheyenne products, it does work with continuous operation mode. This pen will operate between 5 to 13V DC, making it a smooth and strong beast. It allows adjustable depth from 0 to 4.5mm, and at 3.5mm stokes.

Other branded power supply can be use, but will need to purchase an adapter cable separately.

This package includes:

Hawk Pen in silver
25mm Grip
Connection Cable
Pen Tray
4W Motor DC
Startkit Original Safety Cartridges
Instruction manual

*Please note that this machine can only be use with Cheyenne Hawk Cartridges. Use of any other cartridges will void the warranty)

Cheyenne Hawk Rotary Tattoo Machines are considered the top of the line in the tattoo industry. These machines are made in Germany with absolute precision, and the result is comfort, versatility and optimal speed. With that being said, Hawk has also designed their own individual needle cartridges for the convenience and hygiene of their machines. They have designed more than 40 different needle cartridges anticipating each artist’s needs. These are the perfect machines.

Product Code: CHEYCB510S

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